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Before any treatment is conducted a skin analysis is done to determine the perfect combinations of products for massage and treatment mask for each individual clients needs on a case by case basis. Including variations in treatment plans in order to get the optimal results for the best outcome for a more beautiful/handsome you.

Holiday Facial $50 & Get next Facial free may gift to someone else (must be purchased before December 31, 2016)

Signature Facial $75 (Add High Frequency Treatment for $20)

Gentleman's Facial $75 (Especially Formulated to Treat Male Clientele, using natural herb relation massage for the face, neck and shoulders.

Back Facial $85 (With Hot Stone Massage Add $20) ( An extremely relaxing treatment for difficult to reach skin on your back. We Derp Clean, exfoliate, Swedish massage technique is performed, a specialty mask is applied and a gentle moisturizer is massage at the end.)

Aromatherapy Facial $95 ( Using natural oils extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of plants to enhance psychological and physical well being. Essential oils are also used by being obsorbed through the skin and travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole body healing.)

Tulsa High Frequency Acne Facial

Deep Cleansing Facial $75 (Enzyme Peel) A Chemical Peel That Deep Cleans, Steam, Massage, Mask to Open Pores and Make Extrations easier.

Vitamin C Peel $45 (Add Ultrasonic Penetration Vitamin C Serum $20) Move to deep peel treatment (6 treatments $250) This peel is recommended for all skin types and pigment levels on the Fitzpatrick scale. Vitamin C peel, peels away top layer of epidermis. Non-invasive, comparative to sugery or face-lift.

Ultrasonic Facial $90, 3 Treatments $240 or 6 Treatments $420 (Add Vitamin C Serum $20) This treatment uses water and hydrating solution to flush out pores. The micro currents help to penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin. This treatment softens fine lines, increases the extensibility of collagen tissue and elasticity, improving hydration for a more youthful appearance.

Microdermabrasion $90, 3 treatments $240 or 6 treatments $420 (This treatment uses minuet diamond-studded tips ro abrade the skin and vacuum suction to remove dead skin. This treatment may help improve skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, early sun damage, and mild shallow acne.

Micro-needling $250 or 4 Treatments for $900

Eyelash & Brow Tinting (This treatment makes brows and lashes darker and gives expression ro the face.

Eyelash Tinting $30

Eyebrow Tinting $25

Eyelash extensions ( Starting 12-20-17) Contact us for more details

Eyebrow Waxing $12

Lip & Brow $20

Precision Tweezing $25

Chin Waxing $7

Full Face Waxing

Half Leg Waxing $45

Full Leg Waxing $88

Half Arm $30

Full Arm $55

Under Arm $20

Full Back $60

Full Chest $60

Brazilian Waxing

Bikini Waxing $36

Essential Oil Body Wraps

Full Body Exfoliation

Sunless Tanning Services $45 (This unique naturally derived Tanning formula (DHA & Erythrulose ) creates an intense longer lasting tan, without the damage of the harsh rays. (Tan last about 2 weeks)